The types of hops for making beer

The more hops has long been used in brewing. Brew a beer with a pleasant aroma and special flavor hops has always been the main task of the brewers. Currently in foreign countries to prepare homemade beer is often used hop pellets. It is made from different varieties of plants, so the quality of hops depends on the variety and method of preparation.

In order to make a quality homemade beer is better to use natural ingredients. In home brewing hops with its natural aroma and taste is indispensable. It serves as a beer stabilizer and clarifier, and the aroma of fresh hops has a calming effect.

The amount of hops added to the wort depends on the grade of the cooking beer. Classic recipes for every ten liters of beer, add twenty grams of hops. He needed to give the beer a pleasant bitterness and characteristic aroma, increase transparency and foaming. This natural antiseptic and preservative, has the ability to suppress the activity of bacteria and therefore prevents nitrous wort.

Stages of hopping beer

Usually, the process of hopping the beer takes place in three stages. If the beer is brewed from natural malt - the hops are added early in wort boiling. This is the first hopping and it serves to give bitterness to the beer. In the second stage the hops are added for twenty to thirty minutes before end of cooking the wort. This process gives the beer a refined malty taste. The third stage is when the hops are added five minutes before the end of the cooking process and gives the beer a unique hop aroma.

Classic brewing provides these three ways. The exceptions are special Beers and home brewing. In these cases, the hop is to be paid at the stage of fermentation of the wort and young beer. Of particular importance at these stages has its purity.

Special hop aroma - it is required and in the second stage of fermenting beer, in the time of the reduction of fermentation and yeast settling to the bottom or during the filling of the young and homemade beer in the glass container for aging. When fermentation and aging of beer uses hop pellets, storing it is in a sealed package, completely excluding contact with air. Sometimes brewers introduce the hops in beer, pre-insisting his vodka or alcohol.