You will need
  • - hard disk;
  • - Windows OS;
  • program Victoria
If you turn the computer hard drive is making unusual sounds - whirring or loud knock, it is a signal that the mechanics of the problem. Perhaps the block of magnetic heads (BMG) touches the surface of the drive or the motor can't spin the disk up to speed. In this case, take care to preserve important information, copy it to another media.
Because of damage to the surface of the hard disk it appears bad sectors – bad-sectors. The information recorded in them, it becomes unreadable. If such sites very much, there is a danger that Winchester will soon fail. To check for a faulty hard disk using the utilities built into Windows, right click on the icon of the disk you want to test. From the context menu select "Properties" and in the properties window, the tools tab. Click "Run test", select the checkboxes next to the settings check and press "Run".
If you check the logical drive the operating system is installed, a message will appear that now the test cannot proceed and will be prompted to start it after a reboot. Answer Yes. Check the hard drive will start after a restart before the system is booted. Non-system partition will begin to be checked immediately.
To check the hard drive from the command line. Click start, Run and type chkdsk disk_name /f /ggde
- disk_name – name of the checked logical disk;
- /f – fixes errors on the disk;
- /r – search and recovery of damaged sektorowego you are testing a non-system disk check will start immediately if the system after restart.
To test hard disk you can use a third-party program Victoria, MHDD or the utility from the manufacturers.
Run Victoria. Go to the SMART tab and click Get SMART to run an integrated test of the manufacturer. The program will report the test result.
To check the surface of the drive go into the Tests tab and click the Start button. Bad sectors are marked with red diagonal cross.