You will need
  • - Petunia seeds,
  • - mineral fertilizers
  • - water,
  • containers for seedlings.
After the seeds are petunias planted the first week you need to water them 1-2 times a day. To do this, hydrate potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate). A few drops of the obtained concentrated solution drip into the bowl of a stand room temperature water intended for irrigation. Ready solution for irrigation should be light pink color. Next weeks watering less frequently (3-4 times a week), but it must increase the amount of water used.
After its first sprouting (5-8 days, depending on the room temperature), you can start fertilizing petunias. First (week after emergence) spend surface (foliar) irrigation of special fertilizers. For this purpose, suitable water-soluble fertilizers such as "Aelita-Universal", "Kemira-Suite" (fertilizer), "Orton Seedling growth", etc. If the seedling has not risen very well, for spraying use plant growth stimulants such as Zircon, EPIN-Extra", etc. However, to apply them in the process of growing seedlings can be no more than 3 times.
In order for the seedlings petunias are not sick, you need to monitor the amount of incoming moisture to them. Do not fill the plant. If, however, seedling petunias from excess moisture ill stop spraying water, and water capacity where the flower grows only along the walls. The water will flow down the walls and less to fall on the flower itself. The surface of the soil in the foci sprinkle wood ashes or dry sand.
After the appearance of one or two leaves need to transplant the seedlings one by one in special containers for seedlings (diameter of about 6-8 cm) or plastic pots. Then pour the seedlings with water enriched with macro - and microelements and cover for 2-3 day paper or non-woven covering material.