Some products give the liquor a pleasant aftertaste, and does not allow him to quickly contribute to the intoxication.

Creamy, coffee, nutty liqueurs

Liqueurs are so tastefully made to Supplement a good snack of pastries. For example, it can be cupcakes, cookies or sweet tarts. Because the liqueur is not made to drink some strong drinks, gulp, to eat it after every SIP. This drink is considered a dessert due to its sweet taste, so the snack can be sweet or moderately sweet.

Chocolate candies with cream, nut, chocolate filling perfectly complement the taste of liquor. To drink didn't seem so cloying and too sweet, you can eat it with the bitter chocolate, which perfectly sets off the taste.

Cakes and pastries can be a good snack with cream liqueur, coffee or nutty taste. It is very important to choose the right not so much cake itself, but rather its taste. Dry and flaky pastries and cakes don't mix with the liquors, but soaked with syrup or chocolate is perfect.

Fruit and herbal liqueurs

Fruit liqueurs usually have a pronounced fruity one touch that allows you to choose a variety of snacks to go with it. For example, it may be fruit or berries. It doesn't have to be the same fruit or berries, like the taste of liquor. No. Perfectly banana liqueur and apples or pears for a snack, orange liqueur with kiwi or mango.

Cakes with fruit filling can be a good addition to fruit or herbal liqueur. For example, goes well with lemon liqueur and lemon croissants with jam. Herbal liqueur has a unique flavor and aroma, but it is also a good snack cakes or fruit. Use a good and desserts such as fruit salads, mixes, and even frozen yogurt.

No matter what flavor liquor, it is possible to eat ice cream. Taste treats can be anything. For example, chocolate liquor goes well pistachio ice cream and fruit cream with pieces of fruit. Bitter and strong liqueurs blend well with the dried fruit, nuts, candied fruits. This appetizer not only complement the rich taste of the drink, but will make it soft and tender. Because liqueurs are in most cases flavoring drinks, they rarely eat it. Rather, relish and complement the taste of desserts.