Advice 1: How to drink cream liqueur

Cream liqueur is a fine drink. It has a rich pleasant taste. To drink liqueurs are made pure and with the addition of pieces of ice, they are also used for making various alcoholic drinks.
How to drink cream liqueur
You will need
  • Cocktail "B-52":
  • 20 ml (1\3 part) coffee liqueur;
  • 20 ml (1\3 part) cream liqueur;
  • 20 ml (1\3 part) orange liqueur.
  • For banana split:
  • - the banana;
  • - 2 teaspoons cream liqueur;
  • - 1 teaspoon of liquid honey;
  • - 100 ml whipped cream;
  • - handful of ice cubes.
  • For the creamy cocktail:
  • 10 g of the cream liqueur "Belize";
  • - 15 g of vodka;
  • - 15 grams of dark "Creme de cacao";
  • - a few drops of cream.
  • Cocktail "Irish mocha":
  • - 6 cubes of frozen coffee;
  • - 3 scoops frozen coffee yogurt;
  • - 3 tablespoons coffee syrup;
  • - 0.5 Cup of milk;
  • - 0.25 Cup of cream liqueur.
Serve creamy liquor is not cooled at the end of a formal dinner or dinner, after dishes and before tea or coffee. Pour it in a special liqueurnye glasses. They are made of glass or crystal and can be any shape: krematoorium, on long or wide, squat legs. Importantly liqueurnye glasses small volume.
Drink cream liquor in small SIPS, slowly.
If you don't like the sugary taste of the liqueurand combine it with coffee, tea, milk, cream, hot chocolate. To get a refreshing drink, add one-two teaspoons cream liqueurand black coffee.
Eat cream liqueur dessert. It goes well with ice cream and fruit: grapes, bananas, oranges, apples.
Apply a creamy liqueur with ice. Put into a glass two or three cubes of ice and pour the liqueur.
Use a creamy liqueurs for cooking a variety of cocktails. Due to the thick consistency, they are ideal for layered cocktails and is part of the popular "B-52".
To cook, pour in the liquoring the glass of coffee liqueur. Then, slowly and carefully at the tilted cutting edge or the back side of a special bar spoon, pour cream liqueur. In the same way on top of the cream pour in the orange liqueur. Layered cocktails can be drunk in one gulp.
Traditionally cooked cocktail "B-52" to burn. Insert a straw into the glass and quickly (while the surface is illuminated) have a cocktail.
Add cream liqueur in mixed drinks quite a bit, as a flavoring agent. In these cocktails, it replaces the syrup.
A banana milkshake. Peel and slice the banana. Then carefully whisk it in the blender along with heavy cream, honey, creamy liqueurom and ice cubes
Creamy cocktail. Shake 10 g cream liqueurand "Belize" with 15 g of vodka and the same amount of dark "Creme de cocoa", adding a few drops of cream.
Irish mocha. Cook black coffee, cool, pour into molds for ice and freeze in the freezer. Whisk in a blender six-pack of coffee with three balls frozen coffee yogurt, three tablespoons coffee liqueurand a half Cup of milk and one fourth Cup creamy liqueur.
Serve cocktails in tall glasses with a straw.
Cream liqueurs do not mix with tonic water and fruit juices.
Useful advice
If a cocktail "B-52" replace orange liqueur for the Grand Marnier, you get a cocktail "KGB".

Store cream liqueur in a dark place at room temperature.

Advice 2: What part of Baileys

Baileys is popular all over the world creamy alcoholic liqueur originally from Ireland. The brand is owned by R. A. Bailey & Co, which, in turn, controls the British company Diageo.
What part of Baileys


Baileys liqueur is made with 1974. His fortress is 17 percent.

This drink is the first among the many today of cream liqueurs. However, none of them never managed to repeat the huge success of Bayliss.
Only in the first year since the beginning of the production was released 72 thousand bottles.

Today, in addition to the "Baileys Original" (that is, the classical version of Baileys liqueur), produced a whole line of drinks based on it. Including "Baileys chocolate Mint" (with the addition of, respectively, chocolate and mint), "Baileys Creme caramel" (caramel) and "Baileys Cream coffee" (coffee).

The structure of a classic liqueur

The composition of the liqueur is Irish whiskey and fresh cream. In addition, Baileys contains sugar, vanilla and cocoa beans. The peculiarities of this drink is precisely balanced combination of high-quality and natural ingredients. Artificial preservatives it contains. Cream saved due to alcohol.

By the way, a special soft drink gives a method of triple distillation, which is used in the manufacture of Irish whiskey.

How to drink Baileys

Bailey, like all liqueurs, usually served after a meal as a digestif. It is served by itself or in combination with dessert, for ice cream, coffee, fruits, berries.

Clean Baileys served in special glasses for liqueurs. Liquor shot glass resembles a glass of vermouth, only smaller. The volume of such glasses is usually between 25 and 50 milliliters. Allowed to serve liquor with ice.
The glass of liquor can be decorated with strawberries or sprinkled on top of the drink with cocoa powder or grated chocolate.

In addition to ice cream, with Baileys is a beautiful combination of strawberries, cherries, nuts, marshmallows, all kinds of cakes and desserts such as tiramisu.

Cocktails with Baileys liqueur

Based on the Baileys serves a variety of cocktails. The most famous of them – the B-52, "Orgasm", "Irish dream", "Baileys frappe" and others.

B-52 is a very spectacular layered cocktail consisting of three different liqueurs in equal shares. To make it is used coffee, orange liqueur and Baileys.

First transparent stack pour coffee liqueur. Then gently with a bar spoon to spread the creme. It is important to ensure that the layers did not mix among themselves. Top the third layer is not less carefully spread a third of the liqueur – orange.

This cocktail usually drink without the straw. However, there is an even more impressive version of his submission to the ignition of the drink. In this case, the cocktail should be drunk quickly through a straw while it is burning.
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