You will need
  • Cocktail "B-52":
  • 20 ml (1\3 part) coffee liqueur;
  • 20 ml (1\3 part) cream liqueur;
  • 20 ml (1\3 part) orange liqueur.
  • For banana split:
  • - the banana;
  • - 2 teaspoons cream liqueur;
  • - 1 teaspoon of liquid honey;
  • - 100 ml whipped cream;
  • - handful of ice cubes.
  • For the creamy cocktail:
  • 10 g of the cream liqueur "Belize";
  • - 15 g of vodka;
  • - 15 grams of dark "Creme de cacao";
  • - a few drops of cream.
  • Cocktail "Irish mocha":
  • - 6 cubes of frozen coffee;
  • - 3 scoops frozen coffee yogurt;
  • - 3 tablespoons coffee syrup;
  • - 0.5 Cup of milk;
  • - 0.25 Cup of cream liqueur.
Serve creamy liquor is not cooled at the end of a formal dinner or dinner, after dishes and before tea or coffee. Pour it in a special liqueurnye glasses. They are made of glass or crystal and can be any shape: krematoorium, on long or wide, squat legs. Importantly liqueurnye glasses small volume.
Drink cream liquor in small SIPS, slowly.
If you don't like the sugary taste of the liqueurand combine it with coffee, tea, milk, cream, hot chocolate. To get a refreshing drink, add one-two teaspoons cream liqueurand black coffee.
Eat cream liqueur dessert. It goes well with ice cream and fruit: grapes, bananas, oranges, apples.
Apply a creamy liqueur with ice. Put into a glass two or three cubes of ice and pour the liqueur.
Use a creamy liqueurs for cooking a variety of cocktails. Due to the thick consistency, they are ideal for layered cocktails and is part of the popular "B-52".
To cook, pour in the liquoring the glass of coffee liqueur. Then, slowly and carefully at the tilted cutting edge or the back side of a special bar spoon, pour cream liqueur. In the same way on top of the cream pour in the orange liqueur. Layered cocktails can be drunk in one gulp.
Traditionally cooked cocktail "B-52" to burn. Insert a straw into the glass and quickly (while the surface is illuminated) have a cocktail.
Add cream liqueur in mixed drinks quite a bit, as a flavoring agent. In these cocktails, it replaces the syrup.
A banana milkshake. Peel and slice the banana. Then carefully whisk it in the blender along with heavy cream, honey, creamy liqueurom and ice cubes
Creamy cocktail. Shake 10 g cream liqueurand "Belize" with 15 g of vodka and the same amount of dark "Creme de cocoa", adding a few drops of cream.
Irish mocha. Cook black coffee, cool, pour into molds for ice and freeze in the freezer. Whisk in a blender six-pack of coffee with three balls frozen coffee yogurt, three tablespoons coffee liqueurand a half Cup of milk and one fourth Cup creamy liqueur.
Serve cocktails in tall glasses with a straw.