You will need
  • - a special cream;
  • - patience.
Consult a specialist about your desire to set permanent makeup eyebrows. To take any steps to remove makeup,and eyebrows can be very stupid – you will work with your face, and the person does not forgive mistakes. All the wrong actions will affect him. Therefore, do not be afraid, and quickly sign up for a consultation and get advice specific to your case.
Choosing a cream for remove tattooand not refer to advertising companies and wisely and pick one that suits your skin type, it is enough hard to read the user manual of each cream. Don't be frugal – this is your face!
Carefully read the instructions on the application of the cream. How it works is that thanks to the active ingredients, it bleaching dark pigments of the paint tattoo. Use the cream exactly according to instructions.
Never apply the cream on healthy skin, where there is no tattooand – you can seriously damage.
Apply the cream in a thin strip directly on the tattoo. Take care of healthy skin, which is located nearby from the falling cream.
If you see that the cream works and the tattoo is discoloured, it is not necessary to smear the cream even more to obtain the effect as quickly as possible. On the contrary, as this may injure the delicate skin and delay the process of removing the tattoo. Remember the rule: never exceed the dose used cream.