Positioning of sockets and switches you can practically in any place and at any altitude. It all depends on your preferences. Some people need only one socket on the wall, to which if necessary you can connect a tee or an extension cord. Places for outlets should be determined in advance. They are best noted in the development plan.
The switch must be installed indoors, near the door handle at a height of 1000 mm from the floor. If the room is damp or threat, it is best to position the switch outside the room. During fixation blocks circuit breakers it is best to change in one-button and in series with the outlet. They are mounted under the triple frame. Note, the unit that is sold currently in stores, is unlikely to fit in place of the old. The easiest way to put precast.
It is recommended to set the socket at a height of 20 inches from the floor. The cable is either in the floor or baseboard. In that place where will be located the computer, you need to put in the block for 3-4 sockets. Arrange them horizontally is best. If you have a home theater, you need to calculate the number of outlets. This is done in order to be able to simultaneously connect all devices. Quite often in classrooms use projectors. The outlet for it should be placed on the ceiling.
In the kitchen it is necessary to provide a separate outlet for refrigerator, hood, microwave oven, electric ignition on a gas stove, a TV set or radio, the dishwasher. If you have the hob, it is best to connect to the switchboard your cable. Its section must be not less than 6 square millimeters. Don't forget to set in the shield a separate circuit breaker.