Switch or socket and remove the protective cover, leaving the stock wire 50-60 mm.
Then Unscrew plates from the spacer screws of the grips that it was possible to push the switch out of the slot in the box. After carried out the rotation, the d-pad to move in the box.
The screws are rotated consistently, but without deformation.
If earlier switches was kept only by "pillow" lying on the wall, modern models are equipped with metal plates installing the apertures in the wall cavity located adaptable box.
Circuit breakers installed in the phase gap, and the wire is inserted into the cartridge mounting. This allows you to quickly disconnect the electrical system to short circuit and to ensure that replacement lamps and cartridges.
When installing the switches, you must pay attention to the lights is done by pressing the top of the key or the home button.
Switches with a keyboard set so that terminals for connection of wires was underneath.
Technology installation and connection sockets with on / off switch is as follows: the escutcheon is fixed on the wall. The socket open. Base socket attach two screws to the switch. The cable is attached with screws to the outlet and the ground contact switch.
Other operations on the cable connection are performed only by professional electrician.