The first thing you need to do is choose the pita. It needs to be thin and fresh. When buying, try to roll it tight into a tube. If it works and have no cracks or breaks - pita fits.
In fact, the list of possible fillings for pita breadand just huge. Here you will find the recipe very simple but very tasty lavashand pita breadand greens.
Take greens (your choice, you can make multiple bouquets - for each sheet of lavash(a):
- cilantro and parsley;
- dill, parsley, pepper;
- parsley, dill, green onions;
- Basil, parsley, pepper, oregano, marjoram.
The most delicate of them - pita bread with cilantro, very spicy and aromatic, with Basil or chives.
Thoroughly wash the greens, finely chop.
To taste add 1-2 large or 2-4 small cloves of garlic on each sheet of pita breadand chopped on a fine grater or using chesnokodavilke.
Sprinkle salt and spices to taste. Mix thoroughly.
Add the mayonnaise.It should be enough to paint even a thin layer on pita bread (roughly 100ml on a single sheet).
Mix again all.
Apply the resulting paste on the pita to the brim. To taste lavash can be sprinkled with lemon juice.
Roll the sheet of lavashas well as to obtain a strip (if the filling is more, it is possible to turn rolls) width 5-7cm. Put in a closed container or plastic bag and leave to soak in the fridge for 6-7hours.
Remove pita bread from the fridge and cut it into strips with a width of 3-4cm. Serve pita bread you can put on lettuce leaves.
After you rate pita with greens, you can start experimenting with fillings. You can add cheese (plain, grilled, smoked), tomatoes, bell pepper, olives, ham, salmon, caviar, chopped mushrooms.
Great stuffing can be any salad, dressed with mayonnaise or sour cream.