You will need
  • premises;
  • documents;
  • - the employees.
To obtain a license for pharmaceutical activity, follow the conditions necessary for obtaining a license. Buy or rent premises and equipment for the implementation of your firm's pharmaceutical activities.
If you manufacture prescription drugs – stick to the rules that are approved in accordance with the 17th article of the law "On medicines". If you are going to sell the drug through pharmacies, strictly careful not to sell worthless medicines; counterfeit medicines (counterfeiting), expired medicines. Upon detection of such drugs destroy them.
Make sure that your employees have secondary or higher education pharmaceutical orientation, and certificates specialist. Conduct refresher training of your employees at least once every five years.
Also, if you are a Manager-the license applicant and your activities are directly connected with the manufacture, purchase, storage, sale and destruction of drugs, you should have higher pharmaceutical education orientation. In addition, you need to work on speciality not less than three years.
If you meet all the requirements apply to Roszdravnadzor or its immediate management statement for the issuance of licenses for pharmaceutical activity. The application shall attach the following documents:
- copies of constituent documents of your pharmacy;
- documents which confirm payment of state duty in the amount of 300 rubles for consideration of an application for a license;
- leases of premises for your pharmacy with the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on the compliance of the premises with the requirements of sanitary norms;
- documents on secondary or higher education, specialist certificates, documents of work experience, a degree (your staff).
Copies of documents not notarized, submit with the original. Within five days after the submission of documents to you, if done correctly, you will have a pharmaceutical license. For the license will pay 1000 rubles.