You will need
  • Access the control panel of your current hosting, access to the administration panel of the new hosting, reliable Internet access, computer or laptop.
First of all (if the domain is migrated from the local server where you previously didn't have access to the Internet), make sure that the target domain name is available for registration and register him.
The main thing that must be done before any critical operations with the domain – backup. You need to copy the website files on the local storage or to a new directory on the current server. In addition, you should definitely create a backup of the database if the website for their work uses database tables. In addition to the files of the site can also copy the settings of the current server or to migrate their content to not have to re-configure the target server.
The next step in the process of transferring a domain will be the decision of the formal questions. If the domain is already decorated one of the registrars, you will need to apply to the support service. In the application you will need to Express their desire to transfer a domain to a new Registrar. Support the task of the Registrar should also be notified of your desire to transfer the domain to delegate to them. A response to your application will be detailed instructions for action on your part.
After the formal questions, panel management of your domain names new Registrar will need to specify the DNS servers the hosting company, where will be located the website files you are interested in domain name. On the target hosting should decompress the backup. Hosting settings you will need to perform similarly to those that were on the original (local) hosting.
The process of re-registration, the DNS servers may take from several hours to several days. In order for the visitors, domain was successfully moved to a new address, you must configure forwarding from your old hosting.