You will need
  • Computer, Internet access.
Just note that you have to be the delegated domain attached to your hosting.
Download engine hosting. Using ftp Manager login to your personal account on the hosting (ftp Manager suit free FileZilla). The right part of the program will display the status of file hosting(e. left – on the computer. Through the left part of the program on your computer, find the folder "Wordpress" and copy its contents to a folder of your website on the hostingmeans that This folder can be found in the directory public-html. After the platform is loaded onto the website, go to the next stage.
After logging into the administration panel hostingand create a new user and password for it.
On the main admin page hostingand click on the icon "MySQL Database". You are on the page where you can download databases from a computer. Find the PC need database and upload it through the corresponding window.
Associate the previously created user loaded database, then, give him all the privileges (prompted).
With ftp Manager, browse to the file config.php (config-sample.php) in the root folder of the site and open it for editing. In the field "database Name" enter the name of the loaded database in the field "user Name" enter the name of a previously created user, respectively, in the password field you need to enter the password that you specified when you created the user. Save the changes and update the file on the server. If the file is config-sample.php rename it to config.php. To install the site on hosting completed.