You will need
  • The domain is registered. Access to the control panel of your domain Registrar rights that allow changing the list of DNS servers. Hosting with the possibility of Parking a domain. Access to the control panel of the hosting account. Any modern web browser.
Log in to the administrative panel of the hosting. Open a browser address bar. Typically, the address of the control panel reported after the registration of the hosting account and send to e-mail a customer letter. Very often the hosting control panel is addressed domainω of website hosting, but is available over HTTPS on a port other than the default is used. Often this port 1111 or 2222. To log in to your admin panel enter your username and password.
Refer to adding a domainand admin panel of the hosting. As a rule, the corresponding link located on the main dashboard page or on the page that manage a list of domains, accessible from the home page.
Add domain to the hosting account. As a result of this action on the server will create a new directory corresponding to the added domain. Will be opened the access logs and error for domain. Also on the DNS servers of the hoster will create records for the domain. Make a note of the addresses of the DNS servers to which was added information about domainE.
Log in to the control panel of the Registrar of the domain. Open a browser to the address of the control panel, specified by the Registrar or reseller Registrar domain. Enter the username and password. Log in to the panel.
Change the list of DNS servers domain. In the control panel of the Registrar to select the desired domain. Navigate to the page change information about domainie, Replace the current list of DNS servers domainand the list obtained in the hosting control panel. Confirm the changes made.
Wait for the delegated domainand the new list of DNS servers. It may take up to 6-8 hours.