When choosing a spinning should take into account the method of fishing. For ultralajtovogo pike choose short and small spinning lures. If you plan to use a heavy bait (lure, lure), you will need a spinning rod with a test load of 50 g.
Choosing a Wobbler for catching of a pike, which in appearance resembles an ordinary small fry, you should take into account the characteristics of the water body where you intend to fish, namely: the depth, underwater vegetation, for. Also take into consideration the size of the fish, which is found in this pond, and only then proceed to the selection. If you expect to catch pike in shallow water, choose cranks. Such lures remain after casting on the surface of the water. Only after the fisherman begins a transaction, lure sinks to a certain depth.
Leash for pike needs to be metal. This will avoid the possibility of cutting.
When choosing hooks for pike, please note that this fish prefers to dwell in areas with driftwood and algae, so the best option may be single hooks, which give the least drop.
Pike is a predatory and aggressive fish, so when choosing gear, give preference to durable and reliable products. Do not buy cheap gear from substandard materials, they simply will not sustain the load and will fail you at the crucial moment.
When buying gear for catching pike, one of the most important points is choosing the right coil. Preferable to purchase of traction coils configured in a friction brake function. Such coils can significantly reduce the load on the rope during the pull. If you choose spinning reels for catching big pike, then pay attention to the "power" sizes. Size 4000-6000 is quite suitable for catching large animals in fresh water.
When choosing gear you should pay attention to this kind of lure as a counter-balance. This bait is similar to the fry, which in the tail and head are hooks. When fishing for big pike you will need balance weights are medium to large in size, the thickness of the line must be not less than 0.3 mm.