You will need
  • - spinning;
  • - coil;
  • - fishing line or cord;
  • - sinkers;
  • - lure.
Before you equip a rod and reel, you need to decide on what kind of fish you will go "quiet hunt". Because of the type of fish depends on the choice of the spinning and snap for fishing. For example, to catch deep water walleye or big pike need a durable thick spinning with cord and a big reel with a good drag. For perch or Chub will need a small sensitive spinning class "ultralight" to feel the bite small predators. In the fishing reel can be particularly powerful, as the work clutch in Okuneva fishing is not needed. On this basis, it is better to have in your Arsenal several different characteristics of spinning and to equip them for a specific place and fish.
So, once you have decided where and what kind of fish are you going, proceed to snap.

First you need to assemble the coil, if it is not collected. Tighten all connections and attach your chosen fishing line or cord of a conventional node. Then reel spool the line. Please note that the scaffold was a sufficient amount of in order to make long-distance casting, however, make sure that the protank does not protrude beyond the coil. Otherwise, the formation of "beards".
After this should collect the spinning (if collapsible) so that the spinning rings are located on one straight line. Then you need to build this coil.
After the coil is firmly and stably fixed, it is necessary to preteroti fishing line or cord through the rings. Then the snap-in depends on what bait you will be fishing. If it's a light Twister - you will need to secure the sinker. If you're going to use a heavy bait, such as kastmaster, additional shipping will be required.
If you are planning to fish for pike or walleye, the bait needs to strap on a sturdy leash, preferably a metal (titanium) that the fish did not bite fishing line when fighting the fish. Then the leash should be tied to the main fishing lineand spinning ready to use.