Advice 1: How to equip the spinning

Fishing spinning reel is one of the ways dynamic fishing. Most often used with spinning catching predatory fish, so this gear needs to be well equipped not to lose a big fish trophy.
How to equip the spinning
You will need
  • - spinning;
  • - coil;
  • - fishing line or cord;
  • - sinkers;
  • - lure.
Before you equip a rod and reel, you need to decide on what kind of fish you will go "quiet hunt". Because of the type of fish depends on the choice of the spinning and snap for fishing. For example, to catch deep water walleye or big pike need a durable thick spinning with cord and a big reel with a good drag. For perch or Chub will need a small sensitive spinning class "ultralight" to feel the bite small predators. In the fishing reel can be particularly powerful, as the work clutch in Okuneva fishing is not needed. On this basis, it is better to have in your Arsenal several different characteristics of spinning and to equip them for a specific place and fish.
So, once you have decided where and what kind of fish are you going, proceed to snap.

First you need to assemble the coil, if it is not collected. Tighten all connections and attach your chosen fishing line or cord of a conventional node. Then reel spool the line. Please note that the scaffold was a sufficient amount of in order to make long-distance casting, however, make sure that the protank does not protrude beyond the coil. Otherwise, the formation of "beards".
After this should collect the spinning (if collapsible) so that the spinning rings are located on one straight line. Then you need to build this coil.
After the coil is firmly and stably fixed, it is necessary to preteroti fishing line or cord through the rings. Then the snap-in depends on what bait you will be fishing. If it's a light Twister - you will need to secure the sinker. If you're going to use a heavy bait, such as kastmaster, additional shipping will be required.
If you are planning to fish for pike or walleye, the bait needs to strap on a sturdy leash, preferably a metal (titanium) that the fish did not bite fishing line when fighting the fish. Then the leash should be tied to the main fishing lineand spinning ready to use.
Useful advice
Bring along a few fishing lures in case of breakage or a hook.

Advice 2: How to make spinning

Any angler sooner or later you will want to fish on spinning. The beginner should not immediately go to the store because good gear costs serious money, it is better to try to do the spinning myself.
How to make spinning
Buy a specialty fishing shop the reel is best made of stainless steel, and the blank or rod, as spinning is a better quality and will last you much longer if these details are new. When you purchase you should consider such calculations: spinning, length of which is approximately 2.75 m should correspond to the form of 4 m.
Look at home some old corks from bottles of champagne. You will need them in order to make a handle for spinning. Cut off all the tabs and drill out the center hole. Then smear glue on the part of the rod, which acts as a handle, and put it on top of the tube. If necessary, trim them so that there are no gaps. Leave the pen for a while, allowing it to dry.
Touch each part of the rod to determine the presence of a seam there. In this case, your attention must be confined mainly to alastname end, in a place where you will notice a seal. Actually this is the seam you are looking for. Attach the seam directly opposite the reel seat, using nylon yarn on the glue. If you wish to protect the cavity from moisture, insert the butt plug.
Designate a place for the chalk that will serve you the starting point, when you begin to attach the rest of the ring. You should also be sure to pay attention to what each one carrying ring must be positioned with some offset, but not at the same distance. And as you get closer to the chalk, the offset must increase. Attach the choke ring opposite the seam of the rod. However, do not tighten the thread too much, because of the large number of turns of the upper knee may even break down.

Advice 3: How to choose a spinning rod for pike

For the spinner, regardless of whether it is a beginner or experienced, it is important that it was comfortable and the correct tool. Especially responsibly is to approach the choice of spinning for pike, as this predatory fish is for many fishermen the most coveted booty.
How to choose a spinning rod for pike
The most important criteria for the choice of spinning for pike are: length fishing tackle, test and build. It is important to consider when choosing this tool and the type of fishing. Catch pike on spinning in the casting from shore, from a boat and using the trolling method. For each situation spinningists should choose the rod with the most suitable characteristics.
Spinning for pike for the fishing from shore

Decided to walk along the shore of a river or lake "hunter" for pike you should choose the longest spinning. The optimal for catching this predator with long beach tackle is the amount equal to 3 m. a Throw rod having such characteristics, is simply "cannon".
With regard to test rods for pike from the shore, it is chosen solely on the basis of weight range of the selected baits. For example, if the weight prepared for fishing crankbaits within the range from 7 to 15 g test fishing gear may be equal to a value from 5 to 25 g. If the quality of bait you decide to use a heavy spoon lures weighing 30, 40 or 60 g, the amount of test spinning rod for shore fishing for pike can be equal to 25-75 g. Thus, the weight of your lures should be as close to the value from the middle of the test range gear up to ¾ of its upper limit.
The structure of the rod should also be selected on the basis of the selected baits. If you decide to fish for Northern pike on crankbaits and spinners, prefer hard spinning fast system. Such a set will allow you to strike the pike at poklevke. Fans of jig lures better to use when fishing for freshwater predator fishing rods ultra-fast system with a bendable tip.
Spinning for pike from a boat

The length of spinning for pike from a boat has such a large value as in the hunt for the predator from the shore. Therefore, the value can be anything: from 180 to 330 cm.
The test rod is chosen as for pike from the shore, stored, and requirements for the ranks of spinning. Although experienced fishermen still recommended to choose for pike from a boat the maximum hard tackle, explaining that the high mobility in tasks angler mobility angler, as well as the ability to perform when required sharp maneuvers. Fisherman engaged in fishing of pike by spinning from the shore, does not have such capabilities.
Spinning for pike trolling

The main requirement for the length of spinning for pike trolling – convenience. You can select short (150-180 cm) and long (up to 270 cm) tackle. Importantly, the fisherman was conveniently control rods in the process of leashes, when the pike fishing is happening on several tackles.
The upper value of test spinning for pike trolling should exceed the average working weight used baits 3 times. So, if the average weight of the lure in your Arsenal of fishing tackle is 25 g, the top test gear should be at the level of 80-100 g.
System of a spinning for pike trolling can be both the average and fast. For this method of fishing as trolling should not choose soft tackle poluprorocheski or parabolic action, or to figure out the predator's mouth in a moment sweeps you will not succeed.
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