Grow maple from green cuttings and seeds. After leaf fall, gather the seeds you liked the tree. They should be planted in either fall or withstand them at temperatures near zero in the wet state until, until you plant them into the soil. If you haven't prepared the seeds in advance, look for them in the spring under the trees. These seeds are prepared for germination by nature, so they can be immediately planted into the ground.
Seeds are planted at a depth 3 to 4 cm. They usually hatch after 15 – 20 days. The height of the escape in the first year of life is 40 to 80 inches. And after two or three years of a young maple can be transplanted already on his permanent "residence".
In order to grow the maple, choose lit or at least half-shaded place. For planting, you must dig a hole a size of 50x50x70 cm. Plant young maple should be so that the root collar was either at ground level or slightly buried (about 5 centimeters).
If the site intended for maple wetland, then it has to have drainage. Basically all types of maple prefer peat compost or humus, sod land and sand in the ratio 3:2:1. If you are going to plant some trees, plan to make between them a distance 2 – 4 meters.
When planting it would be nice to make every pothole fertilizer. After maples should be fertilized every summer means "Kemira-universal".
Pour the maple trees about once a month (about 15 liters per tree) and in the dry season once a week.
Maples ornamental species are propagated by grafting the trees of the same species. You can instill as the stalk, and kidney. For example, on wild rootstock Holly maple can grow it as a cultural form. The best time to plant propagation vaccinations – early spring.