You will need
  • - rose petals;
  • - wine;
  • light snacks;
  • - candles;
  • music;
  • - fotorgafii;
First of all, think about dinner, then eat the food. Don't try to make too much. Still nice and tight you can eat any other day. So you should pick up some nice light dishes and of course wine. Focus not only on the taste of the partner, but also on your preferences. it is very important that both of you had a great time. So you can take fruits, make canapés of cheese, vegetables and ham, a light salad or sushi. Wine should not to intoxicate, but to lighten the mood, so the choice sure to pay attention to the strength of the drink.
The room where you plan to spend the evening, you have to decorate. It is advisable to choose for this bedroom, because that is where it is easiest to create an intimate atmosphere. From the front door, sprinkle rose petals to the room itself.
Buy a lot of candles. Bright light would be inappropriate. You can purchase floating candles and put them in the bulk vase with water. Even if a woman arranges a romantic dinner, as decorations will not be superfluous and flowers.
It's best if you get settled on the floor. To do this, cover the place where it will be cooked food beautiful blanket. For yourself put next to soft cushions.
Include in the plan some evening entertainment. But as it is a romantic evening, then come up with something related to you both. For example make a beautiful slideshow of your best photos. Create a selection of songs with which you relate the most pleasant memories.
Prepare the game. In a small bag fold paper with questions relating to your pair. Each of you must pull the note and reply. Questions can be of the type: month of your acquaintance, the favorite dish of the partner who first fell in love, etc.
The main highlight of the evening for your loved one will be you. So try to prepare. You can advance to go to a beauty salon and a hair done, treat yourself to a manicure, good mood from pleasant procedures, will play a role on a date. And of course you need to choose the sexiest outfit. Let your partner fall in love with you again.