In the first days of the appearance of a puppy in your house the cat will experience severe stress. Provide at this time calm your pet. Don't insist on an immediate meeting with the puppy "nose to nose" and don't let the beginner play with the cat with his toy. Leaving the house, leave the animals in different rooms.
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Provide the cat feeding area, inaccessible to the puppy. It is best to equip it on a separate table. If this is not possible, feed your cat only in your presence, it does not let the curious beginner to get into another bowl.
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Also free access for the cat should be her tray and sleeping place where it can never disturb the puppy. The cat needs to be sure the house appears the stranger is not a threat to her or change her position in the house.
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Give the cat a little more of your attention than usual. This makes up for her unpleasant moments connected with the puppy. If the clock feeding the cat and puppy are the same, the first food always let's the cat. The dog as pack animal, will build the correct hierarchy – the cat's in charge, and must be respected.
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In the first week the cat will get used to the presence in the house a puppy for the correct actions to make sure he is not a threat to her carefree life. If a puppy the cat does not show obvious hostility, not hisses and tries to run away, it's time to bring your Pets.
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Holding the puppy on his lap, gently let him sniff the cat, this process is of great importance for animals. Thus prevent your puppy from an excess of curiosity were sitting on the cat, tried to play with his paws or bite her. Short contact for the first time.
In consequence increase the time of interaction between puppy and cat, while paying great attention to the safety of both animals. All contacts should occur only in the presence of the owners. Its nails should be trimmed to avoid accidental injury.
Toys every pet should have their. Never play dog toys with a cat and Vice versa. To caress the puppy at first should not be in the presence of a cat, to not increase her stress and jealousy. Upon returning home, greet first the catand then a puppy. It also contributes to the formation of the correct hierarchy and calm your pet when a puppy she gets a friend, not an opponent.