Feed puppies on a special adjustable the growth of the stand, while eating he should not hold his head in an inclined position. A water bowl should always be filled with fresh liquid. Do not leave food after a meal, it must be removed before the next feeding.
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If you decide to Alabai feed dry food, choose a class of super premium, where the quality depends on the price. Before you feed puppy, it needs to soak in water.
имена для собак бойсковской породы для девчонок стаффорд и питбуль
Up to three months in dogs fed 5-6 times a day. The basis of the diet are cereals, bread. You can feed soaked feed, and give it slightly warm. 5-6 weeks start to give the ground beef, the first feeding will be enough 1 tsp. By the end of the sixth week of his portion shall be one and a half tablespoons. Within a week the puppy should receive three litres of milk, 1 kilogram of cottage cheese and 2 eggs. Egg shells can be pound in a mortar and add to the food – puppies starts an intensive growth of bones and calcium is vital.
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After one and a half months, start to give chicken feet, cutting off the claws pre. The very foot can also be cut into 2-3 parts. It will be enough 2-3 legs a day. In the same amount, you can give chicken heads with severed beaks, slightly repulsed by the axe.
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After two months the amount of meat, get a puppy, should be increased. Chicken feet and heads is not possible to cut and not to cut off the claws and beaks. Tubular bones of poultry and pork and lamb rib bones can be given sharp edges can damage the intestines of dogs. In the diet, add raw beef, pork and lamb cartilage, bones, ligaments. It is better to give at the end of the feeding, the puppy chewed them slowly. Don't forget to add in food and boiled vegetables. By 9 months, the amount of raw meat in the diet should be about 0.5 kg. Teach your puppy with children to eat vegetables, greens and fruits.
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After 4 months and up to six months feed the puppies 4 times a day to a year – 3 times, up to three years – 2 times a day. After three years, go for a single feeding. Once a week, especially in warm seasons, the dog is useful to arrange fasting day with no food, but please ask a vet.