You will need
    • beef sirloin,
    • pan,
    • vegetable oil,
    • salt.
Take the beef tenderloin, rinse thoroughly under running cold water, cut the tendon. Cut in pieces not thicker than one and a half inches. Before cooking, the meat must be cold and at room temperature, otherwise the upper layers are too dry, and the inner part is cooked through.
Begin to cook steak just before serving. Take a pan and grease it with vegetable oil. Heat over high heat for a minute. Put in a pan pieces of meat so that they lay at a distance of two centimetres from each other. If the pieces will be too close, cooking will turn into quenching due to the formation of excess steam.
Once the meat is browned on one side, should be turned over. After both sides are slightly browned and they formed a beautiful light brown crust, reduce heat to the lowest setting and leave the fry away from direct sunlight.
The frying time depends on the degree of prozirnost meat you want. Steak with blood" will be ready in four minutes. Seven minutes frying steak will have an average degree of readiness, and in ten will be fully cooked. Just before readiness of the selected salt the meat on both sides. Readiness define steak by puncturing it with a fork and pressing. If meat is dripping pink fluid, then it has reached the smallest degree of doneness. And if the juice is light – completely ready.