You will need
    • • Beef meat on the steaks, 150-200 g per serving;
    • • vegetable oil without smell;
    • • salt;
    • • black pepper;
    • • optional spices for beef;
    • • vegetables for garnish.
First, the main key to getting the juicy classic steak is the choice meat. The best steak get fresh chilled meat that are not exposed to freezing. The meat is pre-supposed to get from the fridge to frying it reached room temperature.
From the most tender part of beef is called steak "tenderoni" (or filet Mignon). It features a small size, rounded shape and very delicate flavor. The tenderloin on the steak free from films and cut across the grain pieces not thinner than 3 cm.
For steak more impressive size take part of the sirloin of beef at the butchers call a thick edge. For steaks from the thick edge of the meat cut across the grain into pieces with a thickness of 2 -3 cm. Steak sirloin, lightly beat the two sides of a wooden meat hammer.
How to cook a steak
So, the meat for the steaks you have cut. Put it on a paper or cotton towel to remove excess moisture from the surface. Now sprinkle the pieces on both sides of the salt with spices. Lightly RUB each steak with two sides in vegetable oil.
In a frying pan with a thick bottom pour vegetable oil and calcined. The emergence over the frying pan light white haze means that the desired temperature for cooking steak reached. Do not place several steaks in the pan, this will lower the temperature and meat can give a juice, which greatly impairs the taste of the dish.
Fry each steak on both sides in a constant temperature of fire to the desired degree of cooking. For example, for a medium rare steak from the thick edge – for 5 minutes on both sides. Filet Mignon is cooked faster because of the more loose structure of the tenderloin. Therefore, if you wish to have your steak rare, cook the minions no more than 3 minutes on both sides.
Put the finished steaks on the plate and garnish with vegetables of your choice.
How to cook a steak