You will need
    • 1.Microwave;
    • 2.Pork;
    • 3.The necessary set of kitchen utensils.
First of all, always remember the small but important secret. If during the investigation of a recipe you have not found the instructions, at what temperature you need to cook the pork – start the microwave at full power! And if the recipe you see two time values, which presumably will be spent on preparation – from this it follows that one value is suitable for the microwave capacity of 800 watts. And then the time value is specified in brackets – it is for a 1000-watt oven.
Meat for cooking can be fresh, chilled and frozen. Take the last option. So the first thing you should do is to defrost the meat. To do this, remove all the packaging and be sure to make sure that the meat did not have any metal objects – paper clips, or pieces of metal strapping bands. Why find out about it in the user's manual microwave (which, by the way, you should be sure to explore). Prepare a shallow baking sheet or large plate, put them on the meat and cover. In the process of defrosting turn over as needed pieces of meat and drain the liquid that forms in this case. If you see that the surface of the piece of meat started to change its form under the action of heating - stop. In this case, the meat should rest for about twenty minutes. Then continue defrosting. (After this process the meat should also rest for half an hour.) You can also use the defrost mode.
For simultaneous and uniform achieve readiness choose or cut pieces of defrosted meat approximately the same size. Before you place the pan or dish with the meat in the microwave, dry the pieces with paper towel or napkins. Prepare in the microwave pork salting is necessary only after it becomes fully cooked – otherwise the meat will be dry on top. If you want the meat form a Golden crispy crust – cook it without removing the skin. And the finished piece of meat the skin should be cut, lightly salt and bring up to standard convection grill (with an average power level of the microwave). To ensure that all the pieces of meat had a brownish appearance, and the furnace wall from the inside, do not spray boiling fat, cover the meat with a special package. These special high-temperature packages are sold in hardware stores.
To check the meat is cooked pierce it at the thickest part. If you cook the pork – the juice must be clean and clear. (Cooked beef or lamb juice can be pink.)