You will need
  • - album sheet
  • - a simple pencil
  • - colored pencils
  • - eraser
In the middle of the sheet draw a circle. Now paint it in one bright tone, better small hatch. Shading will give the effect of a real image. Now with the eraser tool go over the entire surface of the circle, blurring the sharp lines.
Locate the two boundary points of an icon – one top, other bottom. From these points clockwise swipe a curved line in the form of crescents. Lines should be inside the circle at a minimum distance from its walls, following the contours of the icon. Please note that the other ends of the crescents should not reach the opposite point. These lines make the thickness equal to the distance between the lines and borders of the icon. Now paint them a color two or three shades darker. Again blend the marks with an eraser.
At the top of the circle draw a long oval with a height of about one-third the height of the icon. The upper boundary of the oval should touch the upper border of the circle. Draw a horizontal centerline of the oval. The top half of the figure eraser to make lighter than the base of the icon. Now oval turn clockwise by 30 degrees. Again, make the top part lighter. Now the border located at the top of the oval, draw a wide line is a very light shade. Gently blend the sharp outlines of the eraser, leaving a small strip. It will highlight the icon. Please note that the oval located on the diagonal, needs to be clearly visible, and the top of the oval is almost not visible it should be.
Draw the same patch of light on the opposite side of the circle the same way. Turned out the basis for drawing the icon.
Draw any picture or make the inscription on the icon. When drawing blur the outlines of objects, which are located near the borders of the icon. Note that in places highlights the basics of the image you want to draw lighter.