If the operating system is working fine, then rebooting it is better to use the standard way. Click "start" in the lower part click on "Off". Opens a dialog with three buttons "suspend", "Shutdown" and "Restart". Click "Reboot" to restart the operating system.
In Windows Vista and Windows 7 when pressing the "shutdown" dialog box does not open, the reset command you can choose from the special drop-down list.
Another way to restart the operating system associated with the use of special Windows called the task Manager. Call the task Manager by pressing the shortcut keys "Ctrl"+"Alt"+"Del". The task Manager always opens on top of all active Windows. With the help of it you can see the workload of the operating system, running processes, and to remove unresponsive tasks, thus freeing the operating system from having to reboot. If the system is rebooted there is a need, then click at the top of the window task Manager, click "shutdown" and in the drop down menu tap "Reset".
If the operating system hangs completely, then restart it only "radical methods". To do this, click on the Reset button on the system case. The computer will turn off for a second, and then starts to boot. Please note that with this method of reloading data that you have not saved will be lost forever.
If you have a laptop, then reboot, you can run by pressing and holding for two seconds press power on.