Use antiperspirante. These widely advertised products help reduce sweating by 20-40%, closing the sweat ducts. In the morning, after a shower, use antiperspirant on dry skin underarm. Use it during the day, when sweat has already appeared – it is useless. However, keep in mind that salts of aluminum and zinc used for the manufacture of antiperspirant, quite harmful and often cause dermatitis.
Alternative antipersperant deodorant. He fights not with the process of sweat and microorganisms that contribute to odor. The alcohol contained in some deodorants can cause irritation, so people with sensitive skin should choose the tool in the form of talc or powder. People with dry skin is better to buy deodorant cream. Instead of deodorant with strong sweating can use the paste Teymurova, which is sold in pharmacies. It is suitable for any skin type and is quite effective.
Adjust the power mode. Sweating underarms enhance coffee, hot spicy food and sweets. To the smell of sweat was not too sharp, take vitamin E. Good drink and tonic course of remedies, such as infusions of lemon balm and sage, preparations of Valerian, calcium, phosphorus, iron.
Wear clothes made of natural fabrics and a boxy fit. Synthetic materials do not allow the skin to breathe and it becomes humid.
You can use the recipes of traditional medicine. One tablespoon of chopped oak bark pour a glass of cold water, boil 20 minutes, strain and cool. Pour in the broth, juice from one lemon and wipe this part of the skin of the armpits. Well from sweating helps and chamomile infusion: one tablespoon of flowers pour a glass of water, simmer for 10-15 minutes and strain. Add half teaspoon of baking soda and stir well.