Another of my grandmother's stories and the old movies know that a mandatory attribute of any wedding is the beautiful design of the machines on which the young go to the registry office. The simplest option would be to take these decorations are available for rent. Today, many companies for the organization of wedding celebrations offers exclusive options jewelry vehicles. You can choose to your taste rings, bells, plastic flowers, ribbon.
The fashion for these attributes are changing every year and models of wedding dresses. Now original look of the car, decorated with garlands of flowers. To create them you need to pick up on the dark machine flowers delicate light shades, to white machines suitable garland with lots of greenery and flowers pale pink. The most effective option is to put the garland on the bonnet in the shape of a heart. Here I have to work hard because it is necessary to securely fasten the flowers on all sides.
Another popular version of car decorations are ribbons. Very well, if they are not simple, and specially gathered. Nice tape, stretched in the form of the letter V through the hood. In the middle you can attach a beautiful bouquet of fresh or plastic flowers.
Modest, but at the same time looks elegant decoration , only one of the handles, mirrors and antenna of the car. For this ribbon cut into small strips and firmly attach to the machine parts. On the roof on a special mounting hook on the metal ring.
If you're planning a wedding in ethnic style, you can decorate machine embroidered towels, the same as will bind you. Only do not take products with natural embroidery, you can buy those much cheaper, made under the stylized embroidery.
The festive look of the car, decorated with balloons. Here no don't be afraid of bright colors - the brighter, the more colorful. Adhere them to mirrors, bumpers, handles. At the big speed of the convoy the balls can come off, so tie them durable colored tapes.