You will need
  • tape;
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
  • - elastic band;
  • - braid.
Lentamente are probably the most popular decoration wedding car. Traditionally placed an odd number of colored bands next to each other on one side of the boot and bonnet. For this purpose you can use cotton, satin or nylon ribbon.In order to secure the decoration on the car is necessary to accurately measure the machine in the place where you intend to fix. Multiply the measurement result by 1.5 and get tape of the appropriate size.
There are at least two simple and reliable way to secure the decoration. The edges of the strips and sew the elastic to one of its sides. Pull the tape over the trunk, or the hood of the car and clip the loose end of the elastic at the second end of the ribbon with thread and needle. Remember that to sew the elastic to the two ends is impractical because you just can't wear tape on your car - prevent loop with which to fasten hood and trunk.Alternative fixing method is the use of braid. Neatly sew together three strips of a selected color. Sew the braid to the ends of the resulting strip. Place tape on the hood and tie a tight braid.
Additional decoration can serve as "roses made from ribbons of contrasting color. For the manufacture of such "flower, take a strip of one meter. Step back from the edge of 15 cm and wrap the fabric on hand. Leave a free end of a length of 20 cm, Pull it through the ring and connect with the other end, tying the knot. Fix is on the outs earlier tapes, using left ends.
Seriosusly balloons is the most inexpensive and, at the same time, effective material for decoration of the wedding processions. It is recommended to use high quality latex balloons are well-known manufacturers, as Chinese counterparts may burst during the movement.Inflate the balloons and tie them to the antenna, door handles and rear view mirrors of the car. Garlands of balloons you can decorate the trunk and hood. Make sure that the decoration will not interfere with the driver while driving.