You will need
  • - sheer;
  • tape;
  • - bows
  • - needle;
  • - a thread;
  • - stickers;
  • - fresh flowers.
To start with brand of cars. You can choose the same car. But it's better if the car with the bride and groom will differ from others not only for decoration, but also the overall appearance. As for the color of the car, the win-win on the road will look like a tuple, consisting of the white or black vehicles.
For cars decoration buy, rent or even sew their own ribbon on the hood decoration side mirrors. To make ornaments, you will need ribbon, tulle, decorative flowers or bows. Take your strip of tulle, tie it with ribbons in several places, sew on top of the flowers or bows. Fold the strip in half at the center to form the angle, and secure with needle and thread. At the ends of the resulting corner decoration sew a piece of rope or elastic to secure the inner side of the hood.
It will also look and another option for decorating the hood of the car. Fold the tulle in two layers, fit an them the hood, is securely secured from the inside. The top layer decorate with flowers, ribbons, bows to your taste. On the trunk would look nice big bow, also made of tulle.
In addition to the ribbons to decorate the car with flowers. This service is provided by many flower shops. The only thing note – a type of flower. Not all will withstand intense heat or the cold outdoors. Also as centerpieces you can use decorative stickers on cars.
Main machine in the tuple can be decorated traditionally with a doll on the bonnet and the rings on the roof of the car. But increasingly, newlyweds diluted traditions with something new. For example, sit on the roof of Teddy bears dressed in wedding outfits. Ask the artist to make a drawing or a beautiful inscription on the car. The main thing – do not overdo it with decorations. Minimalism always looks advantageous. Try to complete all the decorations in one color, and the motorcade will be the most stylish on the roads of the city.