You will need
  • paper, colored pencils, mirror.
Take a sheet of paper, a pencil and draw yourself the way you like, in the way in which you see yourself. You can portray yourself as an animal or any creature, clothed or naked.
Look at the picture and answer the questions.

- What colors in the picture?

- The figure you are alone, or with someone?

- Is there a figure emotions?

- You are active or passive, naked or dressed?

- Fill all the paper space or not?

- The outline of the drawing clear or faltering?

- Whether you have depicted what you wanted, or something failed?

- Whether all body parts are in the figure and is proportional to?
Look in the mirror for 10 minutes. Consider yourself carefully. If you want you can undress. What kind of impression you made? What special features do you have to be able to describe yourself? What physique you do not like, and I would like to improve? What body parts did you like? Imagine their flaws exaggerated in view or the reflection of a curved mirror.
Write on a sheet of paper ten words, we fully characterize. Each quality place a rating from 1 to 10, depending on its importance.
Analyze how many positive, how many are neutral and how many negative qualities you have written. Which definition most clearly describes you?
Imagine you are watching a movie about your life. Determine who performs major and minor roles. Think about the story line, climax and denouement. Think what your life path? What kind of morality can be learned by watching this movie? The behavior of the audience during and after the film?
Write on a sheet of paper in column five of the best moments of your life and five the worst. Next to each event write why it happened, what contributed to this. What was your role in this situation?
Imagine that you created your counterpart who has the goal to discredit you in the eyes of others. It is very similar to you and well camouflaged. But there is one secret, a personal secret by which you can distinguish. What is this mystery, and who knows?
Think about your future plans to life. Consider each goal separately. What are you doing to implement them? During what period of time should they be implemented?