Define your life priorities and values. Analyze and select what for you is really expensive and than you never did. Decide for yourself once and for all that some of the principles you will never break and carry out this decision. For example, if you would not like to lie and Dodge and avoid such actions, after which it will be necessary to do so.
Protect yourself from those people who you dislike and whose behaviour you consider dishonorable. Should not be to closely interact and make friends with them, so in the soul to suffer from their actions. Limit working relationship, to correct these people you are unlikely.
Accept yourself the way you are, with all their flaws and mistakes. If you realize, so start working on them. More often encourage and praise yourself, even your victory over him was negligible - still this is a step in the right direction. Don't beat yourself up if you made a mistake – correct it and move on.
Indulge yourself, indulge your desires, try to do them, of course, if you do not let other people. Try to do what you like, to follow his natural inclinations. Develop your talents, it's not too late to do at any age.
Periodically, do yourself gifts, allow yourself to spend money on themselves and their weaknesses. If you have a dream, make plans and start to execute it. It is foolish to dream about something your whole life, instead of having to make an effort to start to act and achieve. Don't waste your soul for nothing, you can do without many things, but without friendship and love life will not be happy. Choose for yourself the true values, they can not buy for money.