To become a more independent person, you need to stop trying to please everyone. The desire to be approved by others and accepted by others naturally. But to preserve his own individuality is important to understand that the whole world can be your audience. Focus on the impression you make on themselves. Don't be afraid to offend someone by refusing to carry out requests. Do not worry due to the fact that someone low assessed your data, abilities, human qualities. Don't live only for others.
Learn to take responsibility for their own actions. This means you should realize that everything that happens happens by your fault or merit. You are building your own life and be responsible for the consequences of their words and actions. Sometimes it is necessary to make important decisions. Sometimes it's hard to go a fatal step, but to shift the responsibility on others not. An independent person understands that sometimes you need a certain risk. Be more resolute and courageous man.
You don't have to worry about any past deeds. Admit your mistakes, learn from them a lesson and make conclusions for the future. Focus on the present and the future. Infinite reflection will not help you to be free, confident person. Feel about the fact that as a wise life-lessons. Thanks to some moments from the past you have become more experienced and smarter. Now is the time for new achievements, not sad memories.
Live your life. Do not envy other people. There will always be someone smarter, prettier, richer, more successful, more active you. Do not be guided by others, don't compare yourself with anyone. A sign of a strong, independent, Mature personality is self-acceptance and self-love. Be more confident. Don't build your life following the example of some man, even a very good one. More trust yourself and believe in your own strength.
Be a self-sufficient personality. Try to realize myself in life. This can be done through work or Hobbies. Try to emphasize their own individuality. Develop their talents. Don't be afraid of loneliness. Morally strong, independent people appreciate moments of solitude and using them for self-improvement. Your happiness should not depend on other people. You create your own mood and joy in life.