You will need
  • - new clothes.
Try to realize that except you, your problem won't help anybody. Examine how much uncertainty in their own abilities and actions bothers you. If this fault you got a lot of problems, it's time to start to get rid of it. But first of all, you need to understand what exactly is the basis of uncertainty. This can be a negative experience of the past, clear defects or external defects, unreasonable fear of the result. Whatever the reason, try not to throw away thoughts about it and start to act constructively.
Work with your appearance as flawless look always adds confidence. Reset the extra weight, get a haircut, the perfect manicure and light makeup. Select clothing that is one hundred percent you, and you feel comfortable with. Straighten your shoulders: you will be amazed how posture changes the feeling. Look in the mirror. Surely you like the new me quality. The result will not keep itself waiting long: admiring glances and compliments of others will cause a desire to communicate and be visible. And this is the main step towards overcoming insecurity.
Start to do small exercises that allows you to deal with shyness. Try to shake hands with everyone around, right down to the janitor and the cashier in the store. The meetings take the word and correctly defend your position. Try to communicate more verbally and on the phone: endless conversations with strangers will help you to forget about the uncertainty. Smile at any appropriate for this situation: a positive attitude will create around you a favorable atmosphere.
If you are not confident in their abilities or professionalism, dare to take on at least one person responsible for the project. Break the goal into small steps and systematically move toward success. Tell yourself that you do not have the right to fail. Act deliberately and without emotion. Even a small success can inspire you and increase your confidence. But don't be afraid of failure. Make sure you create a backup scenario that will suit you.
Treat most things with humor. If you fear a visit to the official or important meeting with a client, a sincere smile and a couple of humorous phrases is able to instantly smooth the voltage and have for a friend