The Council first

Do not pay attention to any taunts! After all, there can be found for them very much – for example, a funny name, too small or too large growth, shape features and complexion, poor eyesight, unusual Hobbies, etc., etc. the main thing is not to join the fray, no matter how annoying. You need to learn how to calmly look into the eyes of the offenders and indifferent shrug. All! After two or three attempts granadina lost any desire to continue – because they wanted to cause negative emotions, to enjoy the humiliation of the weak. And once the goal is reached, there is nothing to try.


Tip two

Don't be afraid to stand out with something on the background of their peers. Unusual hair, clothes will be different – the main thing is not to overdo it! Non-standard behavior causes first interest and then desire to emulate. It has long been observed: if, for example, any student in school during recess does not participate in common games, and off to the side and begins to do his work, to draw, to play the game, etc. – soon will gather around him the vest class. Worth a try!


Tip three

Watch for yourself! The excellent appearance is the key to a good relationship to others. But to alienate the people may, for example, bad breath, sniff the nose, kind of stubby nails, the aroma of sweat from underarms etc it is necessary to control! You can even compose a special reminder – what to check in their appearance, and view it before leaving the house.


Tip four

Keep your head held high. No slouch, proudly straighten your shoulders, lift the chin – that's the image self-confident person! Should learn when talking look straight in the eyes. And charming smile will complete the Royal look will disarm even negative-minded opponents.