You will need
  • - the desire to change yourself;
  • - faith in themselves.
Remember that insecurity is defined lurking in the minds fears. The main is the fear of how others will perceive your words, actions, appearance, what they think about you, etc. etc. Knowing the cause of uncertainty, it can be fought.
You need to do something and you're unsure of himself. Imagine the worst thing that can happen in this situation has already happened. Internally deal with it, take it as a fact. For example, the guy wants to meet a girl (or Vice versa), but is afraid to take the first step – to approach, to say something. Fears: they laugh at him, refuse him in reciprocity, it will look very silly.
In this situation, evaluate your fears and agree that all of this can happen. Moreover, accept the negative outcome as already done, feel it. Everything has already happened, you have nothing to fear. Therefore, nothing prevents to approach a girl and say the first words.
Use the tactics of small achievements. Find yourself a small daily challenges and overcome them. They can be physically quite small – someone about something to ask, something to do in the eyes of others. Overcoming his lack of confidence in small things, you will gradually begin to notice that you all easier to communicate with people.
If you are faced with a serious task, break it into a sequence of small actions, and then focus on alternate them. This approach gives good results – you cease to see the bigger challenge, instead, there is a large number of small actions, each of which separately does not seem so intimidating.
Always remember that the vast majority of people do not have any business. They don't care how you look, what you are saying, how they behave, etc., etc. If you walk down the street with downcast eyes and blushing at the thought that others look at you and might think something negative, relax – they are interested in their own problems and worries, but not you.
Learn how to smile. Smile is a great tool that allows you to remove unnecessary pressure. Smile, even if you have to do a really bad mood and you immediately feel as they leave the fears and stiffness. The effectiveness of smiles as means of dealing with uncertainty, stiffness, stress due to purely physiological: people smile when they feel good and comfortable. Smiling in a situation when you don't smile, you trigger a feedback mechanism that allows you to relax and feel more confident.
Select the image of a totem animal, which, in your view, is associated with strength, agility, confidence. Then try to feel them. For example, walking down the street, imagine yourself as a lion. Lion king of the jungle, he nothing and no one can resist. Feel his strength, tranquil grace, a certain laziness that caused a sense of their own power. Log in to the image and you will see that the uncertainty goes, it is much easier to cope with what is causing your fears.