Learn to manage their conditions. For example, you feel insecure. Take a look at your reflection in the mirror. Perhaps you will see a person tired, with dull eyes. Now at the level of the imagination get rid of this image, mentally dissolving it. Imagine a new, full of confidenceand energy. Keep it in your mind.
Write a list of qualities that you you like best. For example: "I'm smart" "I am beautiful", etc. Write down all your achievements that you are proud of. It is advisable to write them on paper red color which gives confidence, and always carry. Repeat all the items from the list every day. Also, don't forget to reward yourself for each is made today or yesterday good.
Never tell yourself or others that you can't do something. Thus, you do not sow and growconfidence in yourself. So radiate confidence in yourself. Keep it positive even in those days when you don't feel in myself any power. According to the laws of the Universe you will get back what you radiate.
Don't compare yourself with others. Each person is unique. What is natural for one is unacceptable for another. Also, remember that ideal people do not exist. You will find that once you accept it, your life will change for the better.