Advice 1: What happens to loose skin after weight loss

Most women aspires to look sexy and attractive. For the sake of beautiful forms, a ready for life diet. But as a result of sudden weight loss can cause skin to SAG.
What happens to loose skin after weight loss

General information

When a person gains weight, the skin begins to stretch due to the increase in volume of the body. Over time, cells get used to a new state. If after some time, the weight loss, ideally, the skin should gradually recover, slightly reduced in volume and pull instead of remaining unnecessary folds. But not always. With a sharp weight loss, the skin cells just don't have time to get in shape, she droops, giving the figure unaesthetic appearance.

How to prevent sagging skin

Most important for this is a reasonable slow weight loss. While it is best to follow a proper healthy diet. Thanks to this month takes only 3-4 kg, but the body has time to recover, the skin is lifted, and that weight loss is not threatened by a sharp weight gain after stopping diet. Because diets in this case no proper diet should become a way of life.

In order to keep the skin tone temper her daily showers. This will help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and folds, and to tighten existing ones. Copes with the problem of "excess" skin massage. It can be done in the salon or on your own. Honey, cupping, hand, using the massager — any type of massage — a great helper in the process restore the skin and bring the figure to perfection.

Do not give up your scrubs. Otshelushivaet the skin 2-3 times a week and the results will not keep itself waiting. The fact that through this process, the regeneration of cells. In the end, the skin is visibly tightened and becomes more elastic. Beautiful effect of the coffee scrub, which can easily be prepared at home by mixing spit coffee with a small amount of sugar.

Firming, anti-cellulite, moisturizers and oils for the skin — loyal aides on the way to the perfect body. Daily use of skin care products has a positive result, as in the process of rebuilding it after the diet and in the prevention of sagging and the appearance of stretch marks.

Sport helps to keep in tone the entire body. Exercise helps burn calories and improve circulation throughout the body. Consequently, the skin gets proper food, and it helps to give it elasticity.

Meeting all these tips the skin it is possible to tone and tighten after weight loss resulting folds. But maybe it's only in the case if the person has not lost too much weight. For example, loss in the shortest time possible 20 kg or more contributes to a very strong sagging skin. To return to her previous form is possible only through surgical intervention. The surgeon will remove excess skin and will impose a neat seam. However, any operation is stressful for the body, so lose weight slowly and permanently care for the body, to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Advice 2 : How to remove sagging skin on the abdomen

You dream of a flat and pull up the tummy? Fortunately, your dream is feasible, even if the skin on your waist is stretched and sagged. So, gather strength, think through complex care - and fight!
How to remove sagging skin on the abdomen
The reasons for saggy skin on stomach can be quite a lot - and postnatal effects, and the result is dramatic weight loss. The main thing - not to delay, and immediately engaged her figure.
Not worth it to throw his head in the active exercise, it is best to approach them slowly and methodically to increase the intensity of exercise.
In order to help the skin recover, you should consider a program to improve circulation. With poor circulation, the cells do not receive enough signals for muscle contraction and skin, therefore in the program to tightening be sure to include massage. Make it better with special creams that contain strengthening components, for example, extracts of sea algae or essential oil citrus.
In addition to "pumping" the press is very important for you aerobic exercise, because without them even the strengthened muscles do not Express yourself and not be visible as they are hidden under a layer of fat. So, more activity every day - walking is stuffy buses a couple of flights of stairs with no lift, a workout at lunchtime at work - and soon you will feel pulled your body!
Swimming, running or dancing, choose something depending on their own preferences and alternate these classes with simulators and gym. In addition, all of the above depends on mood and stress you will be rescued. And this, incidentally, will affect the waist - after all, when experience produces a special hormone, which leads to the accumulation of body fat in the abdominal area.

Advice 3 : How to make your skin elastic after weight loss

Women who are actively trying to get rid of excess pounds through diet, forget about your skin. But when a sharp and rapid weight loss it becomes flabby and saggy. Of course, this result does not cause admiration, but the man may avoid this problem.
How to make your skin elastic after weight loss

Suppose you want to lose weight. Don't try to do it in a short time. Yes, there are strict diet, thanks to which you will quickly lose weight. But think, what is better: sagging and loose skin or excess fat. How much time you gained these unfortunate pounds? Probably not for a week. So why should they leave so quickly? The main principle of weight loss is gradual. But the skin was not flabby, maintain muscle mass normal, so you need to consume a daily dose of protein (0.7 g per 1 kg of body weight).

Well, what about those women who have already lost weight and are trying to get rid of the sagging skin? In this case, you must exercise. Don't let it be every day, but try to train at least 2 times a week. It is better to choose those exercises that are aimed at maintaining muscle tone and skin (callanetics, aerobics, Pilates).

If you want your skin become more elastic, consume more liquid. Try not to eat dry. Daily use of contrast water procedures.

Twice a week do exfoliate with scrub. Tool you can purchase in the beauty store or pharmacy. If you trust only natural ingredients, make a scrub at home. For example, 1 tsp of ground rice mix with 2 tablespoons of oatmeal. Add to the mixture 1 tbsp olive oil. All mix thoroughly and apply in a circular motion on problem areas. Remember that any scrub is best applied to damp skin.

At least once a week to do massage using essential oils. Also you can apply wraps. If you have insufficient funds on the clinic, do the procedure at home. For this you can use honey, chocolate and other ingredients.

Advice 4 : How to remove excess skin when losing weight

The problem of weight loss in its high speed – many women do not want a long time to limit yourself in food and to visit the gym. In the end, fast weight loss raises the question of how to remove skin after weight loss.
How to remove excess skin when losing weight
So after a diet doesn't turn into a "Shar Pei" you need to take care of the tightening of the skin in advance. For harmony requires a comprehensive approach that includes nutrition, drinking regime, beauty treatments and physical activity.

At start!

Before you go on a diet, you need a couple of weeks to do cellulite sessions, with the use of special products containing collagen and elastin. Homemade products like liquid honey and ground coffee. Every evening, pre-steam the body, you need to massage the calves, thighs, hips and abdomen, rubbing the muscles from the bottom up. Will also help cool salt bath, contrast shower bath massage and a hard sponge. These simple procedures will answer how to avoid sagging skin with weight loss later.

Attention! March!

With the desire to lose weight the woman in the head comes the idea that it is easier to restrict certain foods in the diet regularly to sweat in the gym. But the diet should be reasonable. Firstly, it is impossible to give up meat, eggs, legumes and dairy products. It is a source of protein, which participate in the formation of muscles. If you lose muscle mass instead of fat, tighten skin during weight loss will not work. Secondly, it is necessary to drink at least 2-2. 5 liters of water a day, observing the interval between eating and drinking no less than 15-40 minutes. Thirdly, we need to abandon the desire to lose weight quickly. Plan for 3-6 months – a sure way to get slim without the sagging skin. To melt that fat, and muscle mass grow, you need to follow the correlation of these indicators with the help of special scales. Also worth doing at least some sport, or perform simple exercises at home. Usually, to tighten skin during weight loss helps yoga, Pilates, bodyflex.

At the finish

What to do if the desired weight is reached, and remove the skin when losing weight did not work? You must do this after the diet. Should continue to do physical exercise and even increase the load. In a woman's life must be present cardio workouts and strength exercises. Physical activity is the key to the mystery of how to avoid sagging skin with weight loss. The body also needs relaxation. There are various warm wraps, mud masks, and a sauna. For visible result you should visit a sauna at least 2 times a month. Also for the tightening and removal of stretch marks often use Shilajit tablets. They need to be crushed into powder and mixed with a nourishing cream in proportion 1:4.
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