You will need
  • - trading equipment;
  • mirror;
  • - water cooler;
  • mannequins;
  • accessories;
  • elements of decor;
  • - carpet;
  • - sofa
  • - a Shoe-horn;
  • - wet wipes.
Consider window dressing. The traditional use of mannequins is quite simple. Try to find more creative solutions. For example, create the atmosphere of an old boudoir: table elegant dressing table with mirror, Ottoman, place a mannequin in lingerie and a luxurious robe, and all around lay other sets of underwear, as if carelessly scattered hostess.
When choosing a design for the store give preference to restraint, refinement and a pastel palette. The surplus in the form of bright accessories, bright colors and sophisticated finishes only divert the attention of buyers.
Pick the right vending equipment. Convenient bracket and hanger always increase sales compared to the shelves. Eliminate the closed glass Windows, which have long been recognized as ineffective for trading clothes. Place at the entrance to the light shopping cart in which buyers can fold the selected sets.
Pay special attention to the dressing room. They should be tightly closed, have a good mirror and proper lighting. Provide the fitting with a sufficient number of hangers and shelves, put a clean Mat, Shoe horn, wet wipes. Eliminate too much light, which will emphasize figure flaws potential buyers. Properly designed fitting room will help to significantly increase sales.
Expand the space of the store visually, using mirrors and light colors in the decoration. This simple technique will help to create the impression of a large number of goods, and will also help buyers avoid the feeling of tightness.
Place in a shopping area, comfortable sofas, lay magazines, install a water cooler. Shoppers often accompanied by children and companions-men who will be able to relax and not rush the client.