You will need
  • Primary skills of personal computer.
First, make sure that the file really is still cut. To do this, check the directory to its former location.
If the file is not there, then you may have already moved it to another directory. To search for a migrated file, go to "start" and select there the line "Search". In the window that appears, enter all the information about the migrated file (for example, name, type, or file size). After entering all required data press the "Find" button. If the file was moved to another folder, the search engine will find it and show the current location.
If the file is in the same folder as before, but its icon is displayed in a translucent form (how to look for hidden files and folders), it means that the file is still in the clipboard of the operating system. That is officially the file is still in the old folder, but ready to move. To return this file in the main menu window, click edit, and in the list that appears, select the line "Paste". After that, the system will display a window notifying you about the error when moving (stating that the selected folder is the source for this file). In this window click "OK" and the file will again be displayed in the usual way.