You will need
  • Mobile phone support Windows Mobile, computer with Internet access, USB cable.
Download software Microsoft Mobile Sync if your computer is running Windows XP. For computers running Windows Vista, download Microsoft ActiveSync and then install Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1. The software required when installing the system.
Visit the website of the manufacturer of the phone. Find the model of your phoneand the name and serial number. Sometimes download Windows Mobile through the Microsoft website does not work due to some restrictions. But if the manufacturer of your phoneand provides the right to install or update Windows Mobile, it always produces special software, available for download on the product page.
Download the distribution the latest version of Microsoft Windows Mobile. Save the file on your computer, in the location that you will easily remember, for example, to your desktop. If your phone's already running an earlier version of Windows Mobile, the updated version can remove all your user data. You can create a backup of your data before installation by clicking on when installing, but first, get instructions on the website of the manufacturer of the phone.
Double-click the executable file of Windows Mobile.EXE) to begin installation. A window will appear with the terms and conditions from the manufacturer of the device. Click "I Agree" to continue. Follow the instructions on the screen to install Windows Mobile. In response to the displayed query, connect phone to computer via USB cable. After installing the Windows Mobile phone will check for the necessary drivers via the Internet. The system is now ready to work.