You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
If your mobile device is running the Android operating system, wait for the release of a new version of the software, after which specifically designed to search for new versions of the utility will give you the appropriate information message.
Back up the data on your smartphone to avoid their loss in case of an error related to install the updated version of the Android OS. Also copy phonebook contacts from phone memory to SIM card. Install the software by following the simple instructions of the menu items.
If you have a mobile device with Windows Mobile operating system, check for available updates manually on the official Microsoft website ( and, if the presence of the desired version you can download it to your computer.
Mandatory copy all the data from your phone to the computer, the same goes for phonebook numbers. Charge the phone's battery so that the level was not lower than 2/3 of the total capacity. Connect it to the computer using the special USB cable supplied.
Run the OS installer and wait until it has finished reinstalling. Don't make this moment any manipulation with your smartphone and unplug it from the computer.
If you want to reinstall the operating system on your Symbian smartphone, think about what manufacturers are prohibited this action, since it implies a flashing device that, first, deprives you of your warranty and secondly, can ruin your mobile device.
When errors are detected in your operating system to Symbian, simply use the rollback to the factory settings from the program menu, or when you boot the phone while pressing a combination of buttons making the call, 3 and *.