First and foremost it should be noted that maternity leave is granted on the basis of a medical certificate issued by a medical institution. This document should contain the leave date entered data of the expectant mother (including place of work and position) to be signed by the chief physician and the seal of the hospital. A woman carrying a single child, has the right to leave of 140 days (70 – before birth and 70 after); in multiple pregnancies, the number increased to 194 days (84 – before the birth and 110 after). If it was a breech birth, maternity leave for mothers increased by 16 days. For this woman needs to provide a certificate from the hospital. Calculation of maternity benefits under the old rules in Accordance with FZ No. 255 (the old version), maternity payments are calculated based on the average earnings over the twelve months preceding the month in which a woman goes on vacation. For example, according to sick leave, the employee must leave on maternity leave on 1 February 2012. In the calculation of the reference period 1 February 2011 to 31 January 2012. You first need to calculate the average earnings for the year. Add up all payments, minus those that were paid in connection with temporary disability, vacation, downtime, material aid. The resulting value will be divided by 365 days. Then, multiply this number by the number of vacation days, and you will receive the sum of maternity benefits. There is a maximum amount a woman can get maternity leave, she is 1402,74 rubles/day, that is 140 days of your vacation benefit will be 196386,3 of the ruble. Calculation of maternity benefits under the new rules, In accordance with the new wording of the Federal law, maternity payments can be calculated based on the average earnings over the last two years. The calculation algorithm is the same as under the old rules, but is calculated over 24 months, that is, the payout amount is not divisible by 365 days, and 730. The maximum payout is equal to 1202,74 rubles/day, that is 168383,6 rubles for the 140 days. Important: with heavy birth period of the maternity leave increases by 16 days. Accordingly, maternity leave payments are also subject to increase. For additional payment the woman must provide a certificate from a maternity home, write the application on recalculation. The amount is calculated in a similar way, that is, the average salary is calculated, the resulting sum is multiplied by 16. Maternity payment is not the only type of benefit that you are entitled to. For example, if you gave birth to a second child, you have to get maternity capital. In addition, you are entitled to a lump sum at birth of the child.