Resentment is a deadly weapon for the soul, because without realizing it, we hurt it literally, destroying. How does resentment. To insult can manifest in many different ways. People start to be silent or crying, go in, nervous, angry. In any case, people should realize that nothing can be changed. And the abuser will always find a way to justify to yourself to put yourself in the best light. Resentment at the actions of others is a defensive reaction organism to external factors that a person considers wrong.

Resentment is destructive to self-esteem. That you inadvertently try to remove the psychological tension and stress, not to go to the bottom. How to get rid of resentment. First we need to describe all that is stored inside during the offense. What did you think about how to behave. Write it all on a white sheet of paper, without losing any of the smallest details, then tear up the sheet and burn it. Rinse the ashes down the toilet or throw away in the trash. What feelings were caused by the offender. Weren't you scared? Felt the hopelessness or hatred?

Carefully consider it all, understand yourself. Imagine how your supposed to do abuser to the wine smoothed out. Forget about the particle "not". For example "he needs to talk to me heart to heart and sort it out". Answer the questions Of why people acted this way? What did I do wrong? What is the impact? No need to justify, be honest with yourself. Did he know about my expectations? What did I expect from him? Am I deserving of such behavior in me? What could affect the situation?

You need to let this feeling go because it kills and destroys you from the inside. As soon as you let go, you will be much easier to move on.