You will need
  • - stalk of lemon;
  • - river sand;
  • - soil for citrus;
  • - flower pot.
Prepare river sand and soil for citrus fruits that you can buy in a flower shop. Sand wash in cold water and then calcined in the oven. This is done to remove the contamination and death of pathogenic bacteria.
Cut the cuttings from annual shoots of healthy fruiting wood. Ready to rooting the cuttings should be 10-12 cm long and 3-4 have developed kidneys. Make the lower section as close as possible to the kidney at an angle of 90 degrees. Top - at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to run at a distance of about 5 mm from the last, the top of the kidney. Remove the bottom sheet, the other cut half.
Soak the cuttings in a solution of rooting stimulator, for example, in the IAA, for 10-12 hours. Before planting cuttings in moist sand sprinkle its lower cut charcoal. This will prevent rotting of the cutting.

Place the prepared cuttings in moist sand to a depth of 1,5-2 see Sprinkle with water a few degrees above ambient. Close planted a cutting of a glass jar. Thus you create a kind of greenhouse. Place the container of cuttings in a well lit place, where not exposed to direct sun rays. Ensure that the sand was continuously wet and at least once a day to spray the cuttings with water. After 2-3 weeks you should see the first roots. To determine caught on the handle or not, for young leaves, which appear in case of successful rooting.
Spend the "hardening" of the plant. This is not a few hours a day remove the jar, gradually increasing the time. After two weeks of such procedures to the Bank can be removed completely.

On the bottom of the pot in which you plan to transplant the germ of a lemon, pour to create the drainage of expanded clay or pieces of broken bricks. The thickness of this layer should not be more than 1/5 the height of the pot. Pour a small layer of soil, sprinkle it with charcoal. Fill the pot with soil. Make a well in which transplant carefully prepared plant. Planting depth should not exceed what it was when rooting cuttings. Place the pot with the seedling in a well-lit place. Ensure that the soil ball from drying out. Lemon grows well with moderate watering.