For grafting lemon find a special handle – the Scion, through which the lemon will become fruit-bearing. By purchasing any cutting, take care to safeguard it. Remove the stalk from the leaves and wrap it in a cloth dampened with water cloth.
Put wrapped in cloth cutting in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge. When it's time to vaccinate the lemon, choose the most convenient method of vaccination.
For inoculation the method of inoculation take special okulirovannyh knife. Take a knife and 10 cm above the ground cut bark 1 cm across, and then 2-3 cm along. The tip of a knife spread the incised bark, so that the top there is a place for the introduction of the cutting.
After that, take the handle and select a kidney that you cut. With a knife make a small transverse incision and remove a flap of bark with the Bud, cutting it parallel to the handle. Just above the kidneys complete cut and pry off the panel with a kidney from stem completely.
Flap with kidney insert the prepared T-shaped incision on your tree, gently pressing on top of him. Wrap the grafted place transparent tape as tightly as possible, leaving the outside of the kidney and the petiole.
In order to graft flap stuck, provide the plant after inoculation high humidity and do not place it in direct sun to avoid drying out the kidneys. Observe the plant below the graft on a tree began to form shoots, cut them so they did not develop the grafted stalk.
After two or three weeks you should notice the results of their work. If the handle on the end of that time turned yellow and opal, then you did the right thing. If he just withered away, remaining in its place, you need to start the vaccination again.