Drivers are installed in system folders, and records about them are entered in the Windows registry, so you can't just delete the folder with the drivers. In this case, it is possible to break the system driver and damage your Windows. To avoid this, you need to uninstall the drivers safely. For this you will need to enter safe mode is a special mode of Windows that involves running only the necessary services and drivers.
To enter safe mode, restart the computer and repeatedly press the F8 key while loading the BIOS (black screen with the logo of the computer manufacturer). A window will appear with options for starting Windows. Select "Safe mode" or "Safe Mode" arrow keys "up-down" and press "Enter".
Wait until the Windows starts. After starting the operating system in safe mode, go to "control Panel" and select "device Manager".
On the screen appears window with list of installed in computer devices. Select "Sound, video and game controllers" and click the drop-down menu twice. It will open the installed devices, select audio devices, they are marked with the word “Audio” (for example, a common sound card is “Realtek High Definition Audio”).
Double-click the device name in the new window that appears, click the tab "Driver". Click "Delete" and wait for the end of the operation, and then select the sound driver, reboot, and turn on the computer normally.