You will need
  • computer;
  • - the program Revo Uninstaller.
There are several ways to remove this driver. The first method is removal using standard operating system tools. Click "start" and go to "control Panel" where you need to find the "add or remove programs". Open it. Now in the list of installed programs find Creative. The driver can be called Creative sound or live, but the word Creative should be present. Now for this driver, select option "Remove". Using the Wizard, make the deletion, and then restart the computer. After your PC restarts, you may receive a notification that audio equipment is not installed and audio playback is impossible.
Since this driver is installed as a separate audio software then to delete it you can also use a special program. The benefits of removal with the program: first, complete removal of all components that might remain after a normal uninstall, and secondly, it's the registry cleaning that can be done in the removal process. Download from the Internet the program Revo Uninstaller (completely free) and install it on your computer.
Run the program. In the window that appears locate the driver. Click the right mouse button and select "Delete". A window will appear "delete Modes". Select "Average" and go no further. Will start the deletion process of the driver. Wait for the Windows "Found" registry entry. In this window, choose the command "Select all" and then "Remove". Follow on. The following window is called the "Forgotten files". Repeat the procedure that you did in the previous window and proceed further. Will show the final window with the notification about the successful deletion. Close this window and restart the computer.