You will need
  • Computer, Playstation Portable, Hellcat Pandora Installer program
The flashing process presents no special difficulties when strict adherence to the instructions. The most important way of upgrading to the Playstation Portable – the use of "Pandora".
"Pandora" is a special kit consisting of a memory card and battery that will allow you to install a modified or official firmware for any version of Psp. Also with the kit you can restore a corrupted wrong firmware console.
To get the kit, get the memory Stick Duo Pro. The memory card must be original, with a storage capacity from 64 MB to 16 GB. If you are using a fake card, you risk the health of the console.
You will also need an original battery manufactured by Sony.
To prepare battery to the firmware download Hellcat Pandora Installer.
Connect the game console to the computer. Unzip the pan3xx folder from the downloaded archive into the directory /PSP/GAME/ on your memory card. Then run the program from the console and from the menu select Battery Options. Will open a separate window, activate the item Make battery Pandora. After the operation, exit the program.
Now you can enter the setup menu of Pandora. Turn off Psp and remove the battery. Then insert the memory card with the software installed, and hold down the "Up" button. Holding down the button, insert the battery, this will turn on the console. After you enable starts the installation program.
In the program menu, you will see many options for the firmware you need item Install M33. Clicking on it starts the installation process of firmware. Once completed, click the cross (X). Restart the Psp after the firmware game console to be updated.