You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
  • - patched a PlayStation Portable.
Create the map memory directory PlayStation Portable ISO Game and, if previously there were none. Boot disc image of the game you want to install to your portable game console. The file must be in the format .iso or .cso (less common).
Mandatory check for viruses in data files. Also, check the files that are inside the image. Best download games no reviews. Also do not download them from questionable sites and do not send SMS to boot them.
Copy the image files on card memory in PlayStation Portable ISO folder and run these files from the console. Follow the instructions of the menu items. The game starts from the Game directory on the removable drive of the console after installation.
Please note that to run the games installed so must be installed the firmware program different from the factory. To perform flashing, you can in the various service centers of your city or independently, in the presence of additional original battery for your model consoles.
If the game doesn't run from the image file, insert into drive PlayStation Portable disk with any game, to "trick" software consoles. If you are in the Recovery menu there is a mute function of the drive (in the English versions it is called ' Use No UMD) - disable its use, however remember that it is much more likely to start the game when the disc.
If your console is under warranty, read the terms and conditions of the supplier concerning the updating of the device, because it can deprive you of it obligations for the repair or replacement of goods in case of a malfunction. Also, do not use for flashing non-original battery, you can just break the device.