You will need
  • the psp console;
  • memory card;
  • cable for synchronization;
  • modified firmware.
From upgrading your console, you need to make sure that the Board is installed psp original firmware 5.03. If the version is lower, then you need to install it 5.03. In any case, do not update to later versions. Download the official operating system 5.03. Connect the console to a personal computer using the sync cable. As the computer recognizes the memory card, open the folder psp/game. There you will see a update folder, if the folder is missing, create it. You downloaded the files unpack in any convenient place on your computer's hard drive.
Open the unzipped folder and copy the file eboot.pbp in the update folder. Turning off the console from the computer and go to the directory Game/memory Card on the console. Locate and run the official firmware. Installation is not difficult, as it is intuitive. All the installation processes occur in the Russian language. Wait for installation to finish, while PSP should reboot, and the software information should appear in the firmware 5.03. Download software ChickHEN - it is freely available. The software archive contains folders with the names of the consoles, choose. Run the file with the extension .exe and connect your psp to your computer.
In the window click OK and the necessary files are automatically copied to the SD card of your console. From the archive copy the folder ChickHEN ChickHEN mod 2 in the picture folder located on the memory card. Go to console menu and open the photos. Start flipping the image and the console will restart. It may not happen the first time, all depends on the model of your console. It usually takes about ten attempts. Download modified firmware 5.03 GEN-C and copy the map in psp/game. Run the modified firmware from the menu. After the installation process, the console will restart. Game copy to folder psp/game.