You will need
  • - start-up capital;
  • equipment;
  • room
Conduct market research to identify your target clientele. If there are student dormitories and houses with young families, it is advisable to open the division with smoked, dried fish and beer snacks. And in the area of luxury homes and luxury buildings is sure to be a popular shop with a chilled seafood and live fish of valuable species.
Purchase special equipment for your business this cost will be very significant. To sell fresh chilled fish , you will need shelves with a metallic coating, which you can put crushed ice. For sale live fish and luxury seafood essential aquarium installation, which is supported by a special microenvironment. Of such equipment should be discussed if you have a well-established logistics system with suppliers, which in time will be able to supply you with fresh goods. For frozen fish the necessary refrigeration installation which will be supported by a certain temperature and provided with adequate visibility for the customers.
Correct display is able to increase the sale of fish by 30%. Expensive varieties of fish you must immediately cut up into steaks and fillet. Chilled seafood better clear of unpleasant for customers ' eyes innards. Around can put decorative lettuce leaves and slices of lemon: so the products will look more appetizing. Frozen products, try to place so that it is clearly visible the variety and condition of the fish. From brusek, fins and other scraps to make kits for the soup, raslouw them in beautiful containers.
For trade in smoked and salted fish required closed shelves with cooling system and lighting. Typically, these products look appetizing enough, but the odor can irritate some buyers. Take care of the presence of dense packing, which you will wrap the selected item.